As a visual artist, I invite you to discover my studio through a virtual tour. You will be able to navigate the maze of various rooms and discover there some episodes of my work.



In the beginning was the image


  To take a look at an icon by the Master of Tressa, fragments of ancient sculptures, a painting by Gentileschi, another by Caravaggio... Monet, Degas, Pollock, Truphémus, Bacon, Lucian Freud, Sonia Delaunay, James Ensor, da Vinci, drawings by Foujita, Rodin, Schejerfbeck, Eugène Leroy, inks by Gao Xingjian...  Observing and feeling the power of the works of Rebecca Horn, Annette Messager, Henri Michaux, Agnès Varda... Margaret Cameron, Nan Goldin or Claude Batho... Laughing with Sophie Calle or Marcel Duchamp and crying with Frans Krajcberg... ... Thanking, at each sunrise, Meret Oppenheim, Claude Cahun, Louise Bourgeois, Charlie Chaplin... ... Finally, I do not fear any hybrid association.

Drawing, photography, poetry often intertwine: words provoke images, images create words. An agglomerate is formed around latent feelings which nevertheless develop as idée fixes and obsessions do... you have to surrender... until finally the Object is crafted, until finally It happens. The study of paintings’ curation & restoration has allowed me to fully understand that, in the end, it is only the Object who matters, It who — through the psychic, emotional, even political charge that It diffuses and give to us through time and space — will dialogue with us, will nourish us and will undoubtedly be at the origin of other Objects-traces-testimonies.

Time matters to me... The carnal bodies, biologically determined to come one after an other... La Nature... From my childhood I kept the intuition of a magical world in constant transformations. This feeling has blossomed in an environment that favored daydreaming and wonder. Nature and freedom near the bed of Sauc-Onna, the goddess of the river Saône... I try, through my pieces, to give form and meaning to the anger and disarray inherent in our time.

Often, I assemble and pairs industrial materials with natural materials; and within this contrast, poetic images arise and question our society.